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Authorized Breyer® Model Horse Dealer 

The Model Trading Post has been an Authorized Breyer® Model Horse Dealer since 1991. We have great prices on all of our items, and most items are at least 25% off of suggested retail. We have a large inventory of new in the box models at all times, including Porcelain horses, Traditional sized, Classic sized, Paddock Pals, Stablemates, Companion Animals, Wildlife, dolls, Western and English tack, blankets, trucks, trailers, barns, fences, and jumps. 

November 22, 2014

Order now for Christmas.  It is best to order by December 14, 2014 if you want your models to arrive by Christmas.  We ship daily, orders received by 4 pm will ship out the next business day if all items are in stock.  We are located in southwestern Michigan, the further away you are the longer it takes in transit, and the earlier you should order.  We update the website daily to indicate if items are out of stock.


 March 1, 2014 

We have the 2014 models up on the site for ordering, and most are already in stock.  

Most of the prices on our discontinued new in box Breyer models have been reduced, please check out our Recently Discontinued section as well as our craft kits, wind dancers, pony gals, and books.  Most items have been marked down significantly for quick sales. Quantities are limited. 

Be sure to check out our consignment models, many prices have been reduced.

Consignment Breyer® Model Horses 
The Model Trading Post also has a fast growing inventory of consignment Breyer® model horses, as well as the occasional Peter Stone model horse or Hagen-Renaker figurines. Collectors send their models to us and we evaluate their condition, take pictures, and list them on our website for a nominal fee. These items can also be put on our printed sales list that is sent out in each box we ship. We get new items in each month, so be sure to keep checking back with us! If you are interested in selling your models on a consignment basis, we are happy to send you information on how it all works. 

Package Deals and Gifts 
If you are a die-hard Breyer® collector, be sure to check out our package deals! The Model Trading Post offers great savings every year for those of you who like to buy all, or almost all, of the new model horses for the year. If you are a newcomer to our hobby, we will be happy to share our expertise in helping you find what you are looking for. 

Breyer® model horses and accessories make great gifts for birthdays and Christmas. We are happy to ship your order to that special someone! Please note that we only ship to the United States and Canada. 

About Breyer Animal Creations® 
Breyer Animal Creations® began as the Breyer Molding Company, a Chicago, Illinois-based plastics manufacturing company, and the first model horse ever made was the Western Horse in palomino in 1950. Reeves International acquired the Breyer Animal Creations® brand in 1984. Breyer® model horses are now made by Reeves International, Inc. out of New Jersey. The also publish the bi-monthly magazine Just About Horses. 

Breyer®'s horse barns are crafted out of wood, authentically designed, and easy to assemble. Model horse tack and accessories are realistic in design and detail, and are modeled after real horse items. Most accessories are scaled to fit traditional sized models, although some are also appropriate for Classic sized models. 

Breyer® model horses come in several sizes. Traditional sized models are sculpted in 1:9 scale. Classic sized models are sculpted in 1:12 scale. Paddock Pal sized models are sculpted to 1:24 scale. Stablemate size models are sculpted to 1:32 scale. Companion animals are sculpted to accompany Traditional sized models. Most of the wildlife series are sculpted in Traditional Scale. There are also some really nice craft kits that make great gift ideas. Breyer®'s Dually Pick-Up Truck and Horse Trailer are sized to fit Traditional sized model horses. 

Many Breyer® model horses are actually scuplted and painted to depict real life horses. Some examples would include Man O War, Seabiscuit, Secretariet, War Admiral, Smarty Jones, Phar Lap, Flash, Kennebec Count, Ideal, Smart Chic Olena, and many more! 

Each year, Breyerfest is held in Lexington, Kentucky. This is a wonderful event for collectors of all ages, both new to the hobby or long-time collectors. There is usually a live model horse show, seminars on both real horse and model horse topics, and thousands of new and used model horses to choose from. 

Collecting Breyer® Models 
There are thousands of collectors of Breyer model horses worldwide. Some collectors try to collect all the Breyer models that have been made, literally thousands of models. Other collectors collect certain molds, perhaps wanting all of the Marabella mold. Some collectors collect only Breyer models that appeal to them, regardless of what mold they are. Some collectors collect only traditional Breyer models, or perhaps only horses and no animals. 

There are regular run Breyer models, and what are called “special run” Breyer models. Regular run Breyer models are those models which are available for sale through any and all retail or online sellers of Breyer models. These are the models that are pictured in the Breyer catalogs that come in each box. Special run Breyer models are those that are made for an individual company or seller. Some special run Breyer models may be numbered and produced in very limited quantity. For example, JC Penney and Sears usually have a few special run Breyer models in their Christmas catalogs each year, and these can only be purchased through them. Tractor Supply Company and Rural King also carry special run Breyer models. There are also Breyer sponsored shows throughout the year which may offer a special run Breyer model horse for sale exclusively to those attending the event. Breyerfest, which is held annually at the Lexington Horse Park in Kentucky, also features special run Breyer model horses. 

Breyer® Model Horses 
There are several different sizes of Breyer model horses. Traditional sized Breyer model horses are 1:9 scale. Classic sized Breyer model horses are 1:12 scale. Paddock Pal or Little Bits sized model horses 1:24 scale. Stablemate sized Breyer model horses are 1:32 scale. Most Breyer model horses are made of tenite plastic, but some are made in fine porcelain or resin. 

Some Breyer molds have been altered over the years. For example, a different mane and tail was added to the Hala mold to make the Boyla mold. The Hanoverian and Trakehner molds have come with or without a brand cut into the mold. The Running Stallion and Lying Foal have had horns added to make them unicorns. The classic Lippizan stallion has had wings added to make it Pegasus, and a horn added to make it a Unicorn. 

There are many variations that can be found on each Breyer model horse. For example, variations in white markings, such as a blaze, star, or bald face, or variations in the number of socks on a particular model are quite common. Sometimes, eyewhites are added. This is often seen in very old Breyer model horses and animals. Recently, something called “tri-eyes” was available on some models, where the eye is brown with a black pupil and sometimes eyewhites. 

Some Breyer model horses are available for a limited period of time. Limited Edition models are usually available for the entire year. Some models may only be available January through June, and then a color change for July through December. What are known as Commemorative Breyer models are models that are made in a limited number, perhaps only 10,000. Hall of Fame Breyer model horses are similar to Commemorative Breyer horses in that they are also made in limited quantity. Special Breyer models are often made for Breyer Tour Events or Live Shows. Breyer Breyer tour models are available at a limited number of special events. These are usually sponsored by Breyer and are typically attended by Breyer representatives. Breyer show special models, also known as signing party models, are available to retailers who hold a Breyer special event, such as a live show or open house. These are not sponsored by Breyer, although Breyer representatives may attend. 

There are several types of finishes for Breyer model horses. There are models with matte finishes, models with glossy finishes, and models with semi-glossy finishes. Most of the models come in matte finish. Another type of finish is called “chalkie”. Some models were flocked with a fuzzy coating, and these are referred to as Flocked Breyer model horses. 

Some models came with blue ribbon stickers. These are often sought after by collectors. Most models with blue ribbon stickers are quite old. Some models may have been signed by Peter Stone, or perhaps the horse owner. 

There are some Breyer model horses painted in what are referred to as decorator or woodgrain colors. The woodgrain finish is made to appear as if the horse were carved out of wood. Sometimes the color was light, sometimes it was dark. The decorator colors include Copenhagen, Florentine, Gold Charm, and Wedgewood. Copenhagen is a dappled blue with a glossy finish. Florentine is a dappled gold with a glossy finish. Gold Charm is a glossy metallic gold. Wedgewood is a matte blue. Typically, the manes and tails are white for all decorator Breyer model horses. White markings such as socks or a bald face are also common. Decorator and Woodgrain models are highly sought after by collectors. There is a variation of dapple grey known as Black Dappled. These models are listed as dapple grey, but have dappling that appears almost black in color. While not a decorator color, it is also highly sought after. 

Breyer® Companion Animals Breyer introduced the Companion Animals in 1999. These models are designed to compliment traditional sized and classic sized models. 

Breyer® Catalogs 
There are two types of Breyer catalogs. What is referred to as the Dealer Manual is 8 ½ by 11 inches. These are given to Breyer dealers each year, and are also available through dealers for sale to consumers. What is called the Consumer Catalog or Collector Manual is the small manual that is usually found inside the Breyer box with the model horse. Size on these manuals have varied over the years. Older consumer catalogs and dealer manuals are often sought after by collectors. 

What is Breyerfest? 
Breyerfest is an annual gathering of thousands of Breyer collectors. If you get the chance, you should plan to attend. The first Breyerfest was held at the Lexington Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, in July of 1990. Tickets are sold for the event and each attendee receives a special run horse, which is typically referred to as the Breyerfest Dinner Model. Anyone who purchases the ticket can get the model. Models have to be picked up at Breyerfest, they are not shipped. There are also raffle models for every Breyerfest. Attendees purchase tickets and names are drawn randomly. The raffle items are limited in number, usually 21 to 26 are made. All but one are raffled off, the remaining one becomes part of the benefit auction held on Saturday night. There are also Tent Special Models, which are available for purchase at specific times. You must have a ticket to purchase two special items in the Breyer Store at Breyerfest. Special Breyer models are also made to be given as awards at the Breyerfest Live Show, and other models are given to the Breyerfest Live Show judges. 

Breyer® Model Horse Tack and Accessories 
Breyer makes saddles and bridles for their models. Recently, they also introduced a Horse Trailer and Dually Pick Up Truck appropriate for traditional sized models. Many artists and collectors make saddles, halters, harnesses, bridles, and props for Breyer model horses. 

Breyer® Traditional Model Horses 
I will be adding descriptions and information about each of the Breyer molds beginning in 2007. I am not sure how long this will take, so be patient, but I will keep at it until it is finished. 

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Breyer 1995 QVC Parade of Breeds CWP #705495-SP
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Breyer 1992 Sears CWP #496092-SP
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